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We are fortunate that we are contacted every so often by photographers hoping to work together. Usually, due to our crazy schedule and juggling of timing constraints we (ever so politely) decline. Truthfully, It’s not just the schedule – I also worry about how the session would play out; would these by a lot of posing and fake smiles? Would our son become frozen in a sea of camera clicks and smile inducing hi-jinks? While I myself take lots of photos each day – I (very much) try to capture moments quickly and quietly without missing a step of fun, with careful attention to never be an annoyance to our family, especially with my son. Would a photographer be so considerate? I worry that they would overtake our afternoon with a birage of photos, and cause my happy son to think less of special occasion, and (gasp!) photography in general.

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Polina Bulman, of Polina Bulman Photography, to work together on a “Day in the Life” Session. The sound of this brilliant concept caught my attention. Day in the Life? What exactly does this mean? Does it really take place over an entire day? Would it capture all of our everyday activities?

 Polina Bulman Photography - Walking the Dog

Polina graciously explained that the Day in the Life session is exactly just that, and works best when the photography session takes place over the course of a very normal, very typical day without special attention to a fancy location. So Grocery store? Errands? Yes! Walking the dog, getting coffee? Yes! Making dinner at home – yes! The session was designed to capture the magical moments that happen within your typical day. Taking a step back out of the posed and primed photos, allows for the simple moments to shine.


 Polina Bulman Photography - capturing the moment

Meeting Polina

With no lights, camera props or accessories – Polina showed up at our apartment door with only her camera and beautiful personality. And that was all she needed. We chatted, and she spent some time getting acquainted with our little one. He immediately took to her, and within minutes it felt as if we were visiting with an old friend. Her calm demeanor and cheerful personality fit perfectly within our family, an made everyone instantly at ease.

 Polina Bulman Photography - Day in the Life

Day in the Life Session

As the Day in the Life Session follows a typical day, we chose to coordinate it with a playdate with friends. Typically we have a playdate once a day – and I thought it would be such a fun memory for our family – as the playdates are something I myself never photograph often.

Our day started with what could be the most important part of this mom’s day – Coffee. Polina came along of course, chatting along the way. I was worried she was going to follow like Paparazzi – but it was actually quite the opposite. She would disappear every so often, into the sidelines of backdrop, and then hop back out again and re-join the conversation. I often didn’t see her at all! We just went about our morning coffee date, mom with her cold brew and he with a pastry or two, very casually – just as we normally do. When we had finished we got up to leave, Polina rejoined again – I actually had forgotten she was there.

During our session we ended up grabbing coffee, walking the dog, running into a friend, taking  a NYC Ferry to the playdate in Dumbo, meeting up and playing with friends, and then ending the day with a pizza date. Polina came along through the entire adventure, and acted as friend more then a photographer. I never felt as if she was imposing, interrupting, or a bother. It was so relaxing and comfortable, especially for our son.

 Polina Bulman Photography - Fun with Friends

The Photos

As I didn’t physically see Polina take many photos, I was quite curious as to what the outcome would be. Was there enough to capture?

The photos took my breathe away. I am still in awe of them now days later.

I feel like so often I get caught up in the days plans, other conversations, juggling work and general life things –  that I miss these everyday magical moments that are happening right in front of me. Polina artistically, and brilliantly captured all these small moments beautifully. The little kiss on the cheek, the sweet smile during a funny conversation, the determination before taking a leap, the excited embrace with a young friend…. each and every one was magic. Her images not only captured magic, they also caught the raw dynamic of our relationship as mother and son, as well as the relationships that he has with his friends.

 Polina Bulman Photography - Furry Kisses

There is a story within all of our daily lives. It may not feel glamorous, or unique, but it is. It may not feel special, but it is. It may not seem like much to us, but to our children, it absolutely is. It was then that I realized that what Polina did was brilliant. Polina didn’t just take photos, she artistically captured a chapter of a story.  Our Story.

What Polina gave us isn’t just a gorgeous memory – but she gave us a chapter of our own story. The longer session allows for capturing a full range of emotions, and a glimpse into what our family life is like at this exact moment.  Time flies quick. She captured the youthful toddler smile that will be changed in 6 months from now, she captured for us the friendships that are his everything right now, and I love that we can relive this moment, this day, again and again – because in 5, 10 years from now I will have sadly forgotten most of it.

 Polina Bulman Photography - Hand in Hand

The hand holding with mom will surely end, however – by capturing these moments you don’t ever have to let go, And for that, I’m unbelievably so thankful for.

See our story here:

The Day in the Life Session

Includes 3 components: Captured (session fee) + Printed (printed photographs) + Downloaded (digital files for back-up and online sharing). Also Included is a photograph slideshow just as seen above (my personal favorite)

For a limited time: Polina is offering $150 off a half day session fee, or $250 off a full day session fee! Book BEFORE October 15th to take advantage of this promotional offer. Once booked the session itself can be scheduled anytime before March 1st of next year.

Find out more about the Day in the Life Session Here, Q&A here

See Polina’s amazing work in her portfolio here

Thank you Polina for beautifully capturing our story. We are forever grateful.



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